Add comments in a graph

Comment on data series to make sure history and experience are taken care of for future purposes

Steps to be taken before being able to comment 

  • Access to dashboard
  • Do not be in edit mode
  • Do not have in micrograph mode (topic settings with three or four graphs per row)

To make a comment to a graph, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to one of your graphs

2. Click on one of the data points

A yellow text Add a comment on (with the date chosen) will appear above the comment icon.

3. Click the comment icon 

4. An area to the right will open. 

5. Write your comment and click Save

6. A comment is added above the data point and you can see who and what comment was added

7. Close the comment section and the comment will be saved for future learnings and your will never loose insights.

You can also watch this video

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