Create and distribute a report

A report generated from the platform is a link sent to your email inbox. The report is a copy of a topic in your dashboard. The report can be sent once or scheduled for a recurring distribution.

1. Click the scheduled report icon on the right side

2. Click Create

3. Set report settings

These are the settings to choose between:

  • One time report or scheduled recurring report
    • If a one-time report set the time period
    • If a scheduled recurring report - choose a data period and set the start date for sendings. 
  • Edit the report name and description if necessary 
    • The default name and description is the same as in the monitor
  • Share with the right users
    • Choose from registered users in the platform
    • Insert email addresses to other receivers

4. Click Create

5. Verify the creation in this image

NB! This example shows a one-time report

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