How to navigate in Campaign Monitor

Applies to Campaign Monitor : 

Campaign Monitor has two functions. 

  • Register and store your campaign library
  • Register, report and visualize results of Campaign Survey

This is how you navigate in Campaign Monitor:

The Campaign Library is the first page you enter in Campaign Monitor. This page shows an overview of all registered campaigns and surveys you may have in your area.

1. Modul overview

In the left menu, Penetrace module icons are displayed. You only see the modules you have access to, or the modules you have subscribed to

Campaign library is the top icon and Trend Monitor is the next.

2. Enterprise, business unit and report (campaign) area

There are three levels of areas in Campaign Monitor. This is related to your subscription. There are either 3 or 2 level areas. In the example below you can see three levels; enterprise, business unit and report (campaign)level.

3. User profile area 

In the top right corner, you find the area for user profile settings

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