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Navigate to Trend Monitor from Home page

You need access before you can navigate. Read this article to learn how to get access to your dashboard 

Follow these steps to navigate to Trend Monitor: 

1. Structure, hierarchy and sidebar

Trend monitor navigation


From this page you can access your dashboard, and view Campaign Monitor, Trend Monitor or other products. The front page will be unique for your company. 

Chose the graph symbol with a red frame to go to Trend Monitor. Or click to go to learn about Campaign Monitor


If you have more than one business unit/monitor continue reading

2. Trend Monitor 

Dropdown menu navigation 2022-03-14 15.19.36

In the drop down menu you can chose between companies you have access to and your own business units. In Penetrace you can create multiple Trend Monitors. Each one is a live report, with the graphs and data sources you want to monitor.


3. Trend monitor Business Units

Chose a business unit, scroll or search for business unit. To learn how to create a graph follow this link

navigate in trend monitor dropdown


If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on support@penetrace.com