Navigation in a graph in Trend Monitor

To be able to explore all functionality in a graph the following must be done

  • Your dashboard needs to contain one or several graphs. Learn how to create a graph in this article

The following functions are available in the graph view.

1. Filter

This button shows data in a filtered view. If you have enabled filters in your dashboard this button will appear in the graph view. If no filters are enabled this button does not show. You can learn how to create filters in this article: (not created) 

2. Presentation view

Click on this button if you want to visualise your data in a more presentable way. Yoy can now show each graph in one slide and easily navigate forward and backward in the presentation. To exit presentation view click Close in the top menu.

3. Create and distribute report

This button allows you to create a report from the dashboard and distribute this directly to your email or other stakeholders emails. Learn how to create reports in this article: (not created)

4. Compact print format

To be able to print directly from the dashboard, click this button. A new browser will now open and the data is presented in a printable format. Now you only need to press File and Print in your browser.

5. Get ppt file (by mail)

Press this button to get a ppt file sent directly to your email. Remember that the report is sent to the email you are logged into in Penetrace. If you do not receive the email, check your spam folder or contact us at

6. Export data/create a shareable link

You can export and share data from the dashboard by clicking this button. Simply create a shareable link here, and then connect this link as a URL in Google Sheets. This file contains data from all graphs in this monitor, and with the properties specified in each graph. A shareable link is a unique URL. It is not publicly available. Everyone with the link/URL can use it and access data without extra login. Security is similar to shareable links in Google Drive. When you create a link you are responsible for how data is shared and the link is distributed. remember to set an expiry time for the link.

If you have any questions about these functions, do not hesitate to contact us at